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Based on a Story That's True

by Dog Without Warning

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Balanced between the sand and the sea Trying to comprehend what has happened to me I don't like the sun and I don't like the waves I really hate the billboard where Pacifica Dodge saves me more I thought only Jesus saves And raises us up from our graves And sets us free from being slaves to our pain I'd best start again I've run out of road and I've run out of land I guess my only option is to swim to Japan But if it's for sure that I've come to an end I've got another choice because the bridge is just ten minutes north And the water's dark and deep I pray the Lord my soul to keep But I won't make my mama weep for her son After all that I've done Ooooh, Great Highway A Frisbee floats by with a Golden in chase There's shiny happy people all over the place Adorable girl dips her toes in the foam Everybody here is such a long way from home but I know When they're done here they'll just go back They all have something that I lack Along the way I got off track Ooooh, Great Highway... Down in the dunes they're shooting a girl And I can't look away She arches her back and tosses her curls And though it's such a perfect day They've brought all kinds of lights and stuff As if the sun weren't bright enough Watching them is much too tough cos I see There's nothing more there for me It starts to get hazy what's all gone before The end of the beginning's taken place on this shore I'm feeling so light like I'm floating above I'd prob'ly fly away if you gave me one good shove and I smile I think I finally understand I've cut my tether to this land It strikes that there's no demand that I stay And so I'm on my way
André 04:25
12 years old already 6 foot 3 lunchbag won’t fit on his knee can’t take the bus so he hitches a ride here comes a 2 door with an absurdist inside soon enough the giant drops out no parsian countryside could ever be as stout the whole world’s André’s once he learns to be the star the villain, the drinker, the little boy over turning a car IF All the world loves a babyface, then André’s one IF All the world loves a heel, then André’s one, André’s the best He knew he didn’t have the luxury of time André’s living now and behind the sly smile everyone’s story paints him so grand but the sad underpinning’s get’s out of hand 2 bottles of vodka make him a hero to some but what all the booze was masking may have never come and he may be remembered as the giant, the best of both worlds they say but lives even longer when a Shepard tells us to obey I’m not gonna break kayfabe let him sleep it off in the hall
Old Soul 03:53
There’s an old soul, Said a lady with light gray eyes, Pointing to the one I call my own. He is yours to know, You will have to learn to compromise, It’s not about you anymore. I tried to back away, But she held me with her bright gray eyes, Telling me things I should have known. She had a lot to say, Looking back now I realize, It’s not about me anymore. If it’s so obvious – easy to see, Was I so blind – not to believe. If it’s so literal – easy to read, Show me the wall – so I can see. It could have been a dream, About a lady with bright gray eyes, Telling me I would have to grow. The lesson taught to me, There are those who must rely, Like the one I call my own.
Cardinal 03:36
Sometimes I even embarrass myself, dragging ancient things down from that shelf and I hardly remember who I used to be so why would I care about what you think of me the cardinal lands and drops a worm into the nest Bright and beautiful shines his chest I was a boy when you disappeared despite the airs that you never cleared little bird, won't let go, long after it's flown assume I knew, the type of wings she'd grown I never knew better than the costume you wore while we traded hits on the shore the cardinal lands and drops a worm into the nest Bright and beautiful shines his chest crooked pinkies, crooked smiles, crooked paths to walk and now we've all circled back to a tiny nest to talk letters come back, all addressed to you a winter prophetic, to the desert she flew What's stronger, what we want or what we expect each other to flaunt The shadow we cast in youth will always haunt song delayed, after so many years, the cactus cried its frozen tears the cardinal lands and drops a worm into the nest Bright and beautiful shines his chest After all this time I should have known I can't be trusted to free this bird alone
"Write when you get work" she said and my heart broke right there 600 miles away, I'm in a gas station getting cold stares Baby it's not like I don't dream of you each night We'll I technically day dream but I'm trying to get that right K: Did you Lock the liquor up, it's after 2 And here I sweep thinking of you While teens and transients are rolling through And I'd call if I wasn't sure you're sleeping now Dumping nacho cheese in a metal sink Daylight takes so long to creep this graveyard temp job’s gonna break me somehow babe I know your out there living natural and PC but come 3am it’s just left over hot dogs for me gotta strip a wire and take this muzak by the throat wanna hear the paper bag puppet script I wrote? everynight I get this feeling somewhere about 4:25 this chill that just maybe I’m the only one alive turns out I stayed, a lot longer than I thought maybe I shouldn’t have ate that shrounder that I caught time to count the draw hand it to the daytime crew and even if I lie all night it’s based on a story that's true
Paint your pictures --- Frame a doorway into your mind It underlies ---What’s in your eyes Write your story --- All are happy – all are kind Black and whites --- No compromise You’re in there somewhere You know I know You know I know you’re in there somewhere Come back to me Never wonder ---- It doesn’t matter – leave it behind No asking why ---And no goodbyes Life in color --- Large and bright but nothing’s defined No disguise – What’s in your eyes
Sick Rose 04:47


released May 20, 2016


all rights reserved



Dog Without Warning

Dog Without Warning is a SF Bay Area Band consisting of Kevin Costa, Dustin Miller, Tom Fields, Jeremy Beck and Mike Tuciarone. They record and play original rock music that makes them happy.

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